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Here's a group of trusted colleagues who offer incredible services that you might need. If you are like us, you prefer to find new products or services through a referral from someone you know and trust. Most of our new customers come to us through this "old fashioned" method.

When you contact them, don't be bashful, just mention that you were referred by US Ticket Search and provide the promo code if available.

PhotobucketSave Money on your Electric Bill.
Ambit Energy was founded to help homeowners and businesses take full advantage of deregulated energy rates while also doing our part to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and foreign oil. We're not the only company to toss our hat into the ring but it's our mission to be the brightest by continuing to find innovative ways for consumers to save money while providing cleaner energy options for the future.

Earn money through our innovative referral income program
You may be surprised to learn that many people have yet to lower their electric rates. That's why we're inviting you to join us as an Independent Representative. You can earn full-time or part-time income by showing people how easy it is to save money on a bill they pay every month.

How would you like to have 'FREE ENERGY' for your home? Refer just 15 customers and you've got it!

Our business model is simple, recession proof and provides residual income. There is nothing to sell, no investment to make and everything to gain.

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Ace of SalesSupercharge your Sales Effort.
Ace of Sales is the golden ticket of selling! Make sales, close deals, and build loyal relationships. Ace of Sales gives you the tools and training to attract, engage, differentiate, thank, stay in touch and WOW customers. Oh yeah, and make sales! Use promo code USEC50 when calling or going online to get your 30 DAY FREE TRIAL and test drive the card sending features including postage.

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